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J-Music r0x0rz our world w00t! XP's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
J-Music r0x0rz our world w00t! XP

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June Posts on ☆ai love music☆ [28 Jun 2015|04:24pm]

Hey everyone!

aisasami of the music blog ☆ai love music☆! Here are the posts I wrote for the month of June. Please check them out!

[June 03] Reporting Live: Takui Nakajima’s “Renga no Ie” Promotional Event at Nagoya Parco’s Tower Records [May 03, 2015]:
[June 04] Music Reactions: My love for BoA’s new single “Who Are You
[June 21] You Are Invited To Come Inside the House of the band Tulip
[June 22] Reporting Live: Tokyo Performance Doll at Tower Records Kintetsu Passe (May 03, 2015)
[June 23] Music Reactions: Amuro Namie is back with her 80s’ dance beat meets R&B mashup “_genic”
[June 28] A Blast From the Past: The Year of Anime Music [Part 2]

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New Additions to ai love musoc [25 May 2015|12:53am]

Hey everyone, I started a monthly series at my blog, ai love music, that talks about one of the greatest years of anime songs. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

April: The theme of two lesser known magical girl anime (Hint: Cui-ling and Erina Nakajima)

May's blog entry will be posted next week!

I also have started up a weekly series about the many live events I go to here in Nagoya. The first post was about LinQ Promotional Event at Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome Mae (May 1, 2015). I will write about a local idol group called Idol Kyoshitsu tomorrow. Be on the lookout! Meanwhile, if you are craving Japanese music, don't forget to check out posts about True Kiss Desination, Come Back to Asia, remembering Onyanko Club, and celebrating Berryz Koubou.
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[27 Apr 2015|10:09pm]

Hi everyone!

I subbed Bright's Tegami and Flower's Akikaze no Answer.

Get it HERE
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☆ai love music☆ Blog Report for January 7 - 19 [19 Jan 2015|04:06am]

Here are the recent posts at the blog ☆ai love music☆:

1/7: Shake Your Hips with the Exotic German Girl Group Milk & Honey: https://aisasami.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/milk-honey-prove-your-love/
1/9: Happy Thursday! Relax with the Belorussian folk band Stary Olsa: https://aisasami.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/stary-olsa-litvin/
1/11: Runway with the 90s Japanese idol group Bay Canyons.  https://aisasami.wordpress.com/2015/01/11/bay-canyons-runaway-emotion/

1/14: Kick back and relax this frigid Wednesday with the music of Art Porter Jr: https://aisasami.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/art-porter-jr-undercover/
1/16: Feeling down? Cheer up and live for yourself with Kabah: https://aisasami.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/kabah-vivir-por-mi/
1/19: A simple yet powerful song about a loved one,Toshinobu Kubota's "MISSING": https://aisasami.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/kubota-toshinobu-missing/
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Re-Opening My Blog! [05 Jan 2015|12:56am]

Hello and Happy New Years!

Many years before, I opened a blog about rare, unknown, music, artists, and etc around the world that no one has heard before. However, I got really busy and I didn't have much time to update it until now!

Please check out the blog as I post daily.Also, if you have any recommendations or want to say something, just feel free to post!


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Magazines for Sale £3 Each^^ [01 Oct 2014|08:56pm]

Hi Guys,
I am wanting to sell off some magazines. Most of them are Gazette related but if you would like more info or pics about a particular magazine I am happy to help.

As the title says they are all £3 each and I am good to give discounts for 5 or more magazines.

UK shipping starts at £2.90 per magazine. European shipping starts at around £6.50 per magazine (I will check for your particular country if there is a cheaper option available). I do combine and will try my utmost to make it as cheap as possible for everyone^^

Paypal only please.

For any questions or photo requests please do msg me here at LJ or at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com.

Kind Wishes


Shoxx Vol 152 October 2005
Shoxx Vol 146 April 2005
Shoxx Vol 160 June 2006
Shoxx Vol 185 July 2008
Shoxx Vol 172 June 2007
Shoxx Vol 141 Nov 200
Arena 37 May 2006
Arena 37 November 2006
Arena 37 February 2007
Arena 37 August 2007
Arena 37 Special Vol 27
Arena 37 Special Vol 33
Arena 37 March 2005
Neo Genesis Vol 07
Neo Genesis Vol 10
Neo Genesis Vol 21
Neo Genesis Vol 23
Neo Genesis Year Book 2007
Neo Genesis Spring 2006
Neo Genesis Vol 14
Fools Mate No. 324 October 2008
Fools Mate No. 294 April 2006
Fools Mate No. 307 May 2007
Fools Mate No. 315 January 2008
Zi Magazine No.27 March/April 2006
Zi Magazine No.35 July/August 2007
Zi Magazine No.41 July/August 2008Shoxx Bis No.11 December 2006
Shoxx Bis No.14 March 2007
Shock WaveNo.01 July 2007
Shock Wave No.08 March 2008
Glare Vol 06 – Uruha & Aoi Cover
Glare 12 Page Super Issue (No Vol Number)
Cure Magazine Vol.20 21.03.2005
Rock & Read 14 – Reita Cover
Arena37 Special Vol. 48 September 2008 – Uruha Cover
MusiQ Vol.13 August 2008 – Aoi Cover
Shoxx BIS No.13 February 2006 – Reita cover- Bassist Special.
Zi Magazine No.13 November/December 2006 – Mucc Cover
Arena Act13 October 2006
Arena37 No.311 August 2008
B=PASS March 2008 – Uverworld Cover
Neo Genesis Vol.18 (No Date) An Café Cover
Shoxx Vol.165 November 2006 – LM.C Cover
CD Magazine No.03 March 2008 – Luna Sea Cover
Neo Genesis Winter 2005 – Miyavi Cover
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Jrock Items for Sale!^^ [18 Sep 2014|07:39pm]

Hi Everyone!

I have a large quantity of Jrock Magazines, Photobooks, FanClub Issues and Tour Pamphlets.
All are £12
The Gazette - 2004 Heisei Ishintou Final Pamphlet
The Gazette - 2004 Heisei Ishintou Pamphlet
The Gazette - 2004 Heisei Banka 2004.04.23 Shibuya O-East Live Pamphlet
The Gazette - GAZEROCK Festival In Summer '08 Burst Into Blaze
The Gazette - Judgement Day 2004.01.16 Shibuya-AX
The Gazette - Verwelktes Gedicht photo book

The Gazette Garish Room HERESY Fan Club Issues £3 each

Garish Room 2
Garish Room 3
Garish Room 4
Garish Room 5

L’arc en Ciel Merchandise £12 each
Live Document Photographs Smile Tour 2004
Asia Live 2005
Shibuya Seven Days 2003 (includes stickers)
AWAKE Tour Photo Pamphlet
15th Anniversary Live Photo Book

LM.C Club Circuit Pamphlets £9
Club Circuit ‘06
Club Circuit Pamphlet AUTUMN
Club Circuit Pamphlet – Includes plastic wallet case, postcard and lament

Alice Nine Merchandise £6 each
Summer Tour ’06 HELLO, SUPER VIEW

Nightmare Merchandise £5.00 each

Hitsugi Neko Cat Gloves-£10
World Ruler Photo Pamphlet
Welcome to Killer Show Photo Pamphlet

Dir En Grey Merchandise

Withers & Withers Ankle Socks £3
5 Marrow Of A Bone Badges £3

Random Merchandise
HYDE Faith Tour 2006 Hard Back Book £12
PS COMPANY Peace & Smile Carnival Tour 2005 (The Gazette, Kra, Miyavi, Alice Nine & Kagraa) Pamphlet £12

~Please message me with 1) name of item 2)your country so I can give you a shipping price.

> I do combine and can give you a complete total if you are wanting more than one item. (2nd class delivery via Royal Mail starts at £3.75 for one pamphlet based on UK buyers)

~Paypal only please.

>I am a registered eBay account holder with 100% positive feedback.

~ Items can be happily reserved-for 48hrs. With no contact after this time I will assume you are no longer interested.

> I ship Monday to Saturday until 2.00pm. Items paid for after this time will be shipped the next working day.

~ I always keep proof of postage and tracking receipts.

>Any further questions or photo requests please feel free to contact me via LJ or at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com

Kind Regards^^
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Dir En Grey FanClub Issues for Sale!^^ [24 Aug 2014|01:21pm]

Hi Everyone^^

I have available a large quantity of Dir En Grey FanClub issues.
Issues 11-20 are £8 each and issues 21-42 are £7.

Issue 28 comes as a set of two books because of this the two issues are £12 for both.

All are in great condition with next to no wear at all except for issues 17 and 35 where a couple of pages have come away from the binding spine.

Issue 17 and 37 come with stickers.


~Please message me with 1) Issue number 2) your country so I can give you a shipping price.

> I do combine and can give you a complete total if you are wanting more than one issue. (2nd class delivery via Royal Mail starts at £2.25 for one issue)

~Paypal only please.

>I am a registered eBay account holder with 100% positive feed back.

~ Items can be happily reserved-for 48hrs. With no contact after this time I will assume you are no longer interested.

> I ship Monday to Saturday until 2.00pm (12noon on Saturdays^^). Items paid for after this time will be shipped the next working day.

~ I always keep proof of postage and tracking receipts.

>Any further questions please feel free to contact me via LJ or at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com

Kind Regards
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Jrock items for sale via eBay! [23 Jul 2014|09:25am]

Check out my Jrock eBay sellers account!
70 plus The Gazette magazines and Jrock related items to go up for sale in the next fortnight. Including Dir en Grey, LM.C, Nightmare, Pierrot and more, along with some hard to find items such as Gem Cerey and Harugin jewellery. (See below for a few current listings)

Coming from a private collection to fund other ventures.

Must go to a good home ^_^

Any questions please msg me at eBay under user EASY_SELL1987.

Happy Bidding!

Jrock The Gazette Gem Cerey Chandelier Necklace(261540119022)

Jrock The Gazette Harugin Bracelet From Japan (261540085488)

Jrock The Gazette Garish Room Heresy FanClub Issue 1 (261540177272)

Modern Pirates (Japan) Jrock The Gazette Ruki Bracelet (261539198198)

Jrock Nightmare Hitsugi Neko Cat Gloves Limited Edition (261539305046)

Jrock The Gazette Original Photo Set 2 Pulse Wriggling to..(261540139224)

TAGS: dir en grey, ebay, jrock, lm.c, nightmare, sales, the gazette
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Selling!! [20 Jul 2014|01:31pm]

Lots of manga and J-Rock/J-Pop/K-Pop stuff for sale! Shipping worldwide.

Please check~~

More details found at my journal shadowpink
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Akeboshi "Start Forming the Words" [25 May 2013|06:34pm]

Does anyone know where I can get Akeboshi's new album stated above? If you do, I thank you so much in advance. I really like his songs.
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Selling & Pre-orders or Request Corner! [25 Aug 2012|05:13pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

YUI (singles, album, live dvd)
- IATM/NSD Regular Edition
- To Mother Regular Edition
- To Mother Limited Edition
- IML/YH Regular Edition
- Rain Regular Edition
- Rain Limited Edition
- Green a.live Limited Edition
- HITS Regular Edition
- HITS Limited Edition

Nana Mizuki (blu-ray)
- Live Grace -ORCHESTRA-

Rainie Yang (albums, live dvd)
- Rainie & Love ...? (w/ raincoat)
- Rainie & Love ...? (Celebration Edition)
- Whimsical World Collection (3CD+DVD) (Deluxe Edition)

Check here for more info!


For those who would like to order anything regarding jpop, kpop or cpop. I'm accepting pre-order and request for this following items:

  • Singles
  • Albums
  • Mini Albums
  • DVD's
  • Photobooks
  • Magazines
  • Others
You can send me a personal message and I will message you back for the estimation of your order.

Use the following format:

KIND OF ITEM: (Single, Album, Mini Album, DVD, Photobook, Magazine)

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Just asking [07 Apr 2012|09:48pm]

Hello, I don't know if it is suitable here, but I want to ask if you guys know where can I find and download albums from a group called 'GReeeeN'.
If any of you guys know, thanks a million.
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Selling my J-Rock collection~ [22 Sep 2011|06:53pm]

I am selling my entire J-Rock collection!
CDs, Magazines, and Freebies!

Click click click!
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JrockHeaven [08 Sep 2011|01:37am]

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[05 Sep 2011|02:20pm]

anime/manga/jrock stuff for sale here ^^

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You have the chance to interview T.M.Revolution [29 Aug 2011|03:57pm]


Nippon Project give us the change to send our questions to TMR :)

Do it using the following forms:

En: http://www.nipponproject.com/en/new.php?id=877
It: http://www.nipponproject.com/it/new.php?id=729
De: http://www.nipponproject.com/de/new.php?id=1370
Ru: http://www.nipponproject.com/ru/new.php?id=171
Fr: http://www.nipponproject.com/fr/new.php?id=1803
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sales! [05 Jul 2011|09:57pm]

jrock for sale here! ^^
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[03 Jan 2011|07:46pm]

Hallo ^-^
Ich löse meine CD-Sammlung auf...
Aus diesem Grund verkaufe ich meine handsignierten Girugämesh CD's (Alle bei den Konzerten in Bochum singniert)

Wenn Jemand Interesse hat, bitte eine E-mail mit einem Preisvorschlag an meine Adresse: renf-ckingrawkz@live.de

Die CD's sind in von mir gehütet und gepflegt worden:
-Keine Kratzer auf den CD's
-Keine Knicke in den Booklets

Natürlich sind die CD's auch einzelnd zu erwerben :)
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MJP TV Presents "Matenrou Opera TV"! [17 Nov 2010|08:58pm]

Hello everyone! This is your MJP Editing staff.
Today we have interesting information regarding MJP TV for you.

When speaking about the band that will be appearing as guest on MJP TV next...
It is Visual-kei band "Matenrou Opera", which will be making its major debut in December!!

The other day, they have just celebrated the opening of their official fan club "Club Matenrou" and right before they will be making their major debut next month (!), they will also appear on MJP TV!

Please see the program details written below:

*Program Name: MJP TV Presents "Matenrou Opera TV"
*Airing Time: 2010/12/17 (Friday) From 21:00h (Japanese Standard Time)
*Airing Place: MJP (musicJAPANplus) Top page

*Questions and Messages for the Band Members
The band's Major Debut is right ahead! Is there something you would like to ask?
MJP is looking for your messages to the band members!!

Please look forward to find out in what way the questions will be used on the day of the airing! Please send your messages through the URL to the MJP forum below.

Forum Topic: "Matenrou Opera TV Questions & Messages"
Text: Name or Nickname, question and/or message to the band members.
Application period: 11/15 to 12/17

* On the day of the airing your can also participate via Twitter!
Make sure to participate through twitter on the day of the airing. Use the #tag "#OperaTV" and tweet @musicJAPANplus.
As the messages will be used directly on the program, we hope lots of you will be participating in this time again!!

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