loopseylala (loopseylala) wrote in j_music,

Magazines for Sale £3 Each^^

Hi Guys,
I am wanting to sell off some magazines. Most of them are Gazette related but if you would like more info or pics about a particular magazine I am happy to help.

As the title says they are all £3 each and I am good to give discounts for 5 or more magazines.

UK shipping starts at £2.90 per magazine. European shipping starts at around £6.50 per magazine (I will check for your particular country if there is a cheaper option available). I do combine and will try my utmost to make it as cheap as possible for everyone^^

Paypal only please.

For any questions or photo requests please do msg me here at LJ or at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com.

Kind Wishes


Shoxx Vol 152 October 2005
Shoxx Vol 146 April 2005
Shoxx Vol 160 June 2006
Shoxx Vol 185 July 2008
Shoxx Vol 172 June 2007
Shoxx Vol 141 Nov 200
Arena 37 May 2006
Arena 37 November 2006
Arena 37 February 2007
Arena 37 August 2007
Arena 37 Special Vol 27
Arena 37 Special Vol 33
Arena 37 March 2005
Neo Genesis Vol 07
Neo Genesis Vol 10
Neo Genesis Vol 21
Neo Genesis Vol 23
Neo Genesis Year Book 2007
Neo Genesis Spring 2006
Neo Genesis Vol 14
Fools Mate No. 324 October 2008
Fools Mate No. 294 April 2006
Fools Mate No. 307 May 2007
Fools Mate No. 315 January 2008
Zi Magazine No.27 March/April 2006
Zi Magazine No.35 July/August 2007
Zi Magazine No.41 July/August 2008Shoxx Bis No.11 December 2006
Shoxx Bis No.14 March 2007
Shock WaveNo.01 July 2007
Shock Wave No.08 March 2008
Glare Vol 06 – Uruha & Aoi Cover
Glare 12 Page Super Issue (No Vol Number)
Cure Magazine Vol.20 21.03.2005
Rock & Read 14 – Reita Cover
Arena37 Special Vol. 48 September 2008 – Uruha Cover
MusiQ Vol.13 August 2008 – Aoi Cover
Shoxx BIS No.13 February 2006 – Reita cover- Bassist Special.
Zi Magazine No.13 November/December 2006 – Mucc Cover
Arena Act13 October 2006
Arena37 No.311 August 2008
B=PASS March 2008 – Uverworld Cover
Neo Genesis Vol.18 (No Date) An Café Cover
Shoxx Vol.165 November 2006 – LM.C Cover
CD Magazine No.03 March 2008 – Luna Sea Cover
Neo Genesis Winter 2005 – Miyavi Cover
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